CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Activities

Even though the growth in energy consumption has slowed somewhat in recent years, awareness of environmental concerns—including energy saving, cost saving, waste processing and recycling—is a major issue both for companies and for society as a whole.
From its standpoint as a company engaged in building management, CBS has long been working to effectively reduce environmental impact, ahead of many other companies, while maintaining or enhancing standards of comfort.
We continue to strive toward becoming a lower carbon and more energy efficient society overall, in addition to providing comprehensive building management services. We reflect these goals through our corporate activities and by promoting environmental consciousness for all employees. By taking on these environmental issues as part of our social responsibility, we also free our customers to concentrate fully on their core business activities.

CBS’s Policy for Quality and Environment

In developing our business as a comprehensive building management company, CBS has acquired both ISO 9001 certification, demonstrating of our commitment to uphold quality standards and reduce environmental impact without negatively affecting society’s standards of comfort.

Acquisition of International Standard ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification.

What is ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems?
ISO 9001 is a set of standards for quality management systems established by the International Organization for Standardization. It is designed to deliver consistent quality in the provision of products and services, and to assure customer satisfaction.
At CBS, both the Headquarters’ Energy Plant Service Business Department, whose main business is nuclear and energy related facility management, and the Rokkasho Business Office acquired ISO 9001 certification in April 2003. The Shiga Business Office acquired certification in April 2006. And the Management Office of the Engineering Department, whose main business is building facility management, acquired it in November 2009. We continuously strive to further enhance the quality of our services and assure the highest level of satisfaction among our customers.

CBS’s policy for environment

This set of standards for environmental management systems includes guidelines on organization, planning, responsibilities, customary practices, procedures and resources for the creation, enforcement, realization, revision and maintenance of environmental policy.
Since well before implementation of the Kyoto Protocol, CBS has been working to reduce environmental impact without sacrificing comfort by promoting energy efficiency and conservation. In September 2000, the Headquarters and Eighth Building Service Management Office acquired ISO 14001 certification and continued to do until September2018.