Cleaning Staff Education at CBS

Company Training Facility

By bringing staff assigned to various buildings together in one place, this has become a hub for the exchange of information in addition to being a venue for regular training programs.
A friendship party is also held sometimes after year-end training in December

Training System

(Regular Training / New Employee Training)
Regular training is conducted at the training facility.
Practical skills are taught, as a matter of course, but manners, salutations, handling of personal information, compliance and other qualities required of service staff are also incorporated into the curriculum.
Each new employee joining the company is given thorough training based on his or her demonstrated interests and abilities, prior to being posted to their assignment.

Supporting the Acquisition of Building Cleaning Technician Qualifications

Building Cleaning Technician is a nationally recognized certification for which the rate of qualification nationally is slightly higher than 50%.
The company provides practical skills along with training by in-house instructors, and both printed and DVD guidance materials. More than 90% of applicants from within the company receive their qualification. The training facility is also open to those who wish to conduct independent practice.

Full Assortment of Manuals

In addition to manuals for specific tasks, manuals have also been prepared that cover areas such as safe task operations on stairs and the handling of keys and key cards, which are essential elements of security.
Each manual is richly illustrated using photographs and yes/no graphics, and is written to be easily understood by all those reading the manual.

Consideration of Staff Health

In building maintenance, the health of the building staff is of the highest priority.
The company provides information concerning influenza and norovirus, and masks and antiseptic solution are distributed.
During the peak of the summer season when heat stroke is a concern, salt candy is also made available.

Instruction from a Rotating Safety Consultant

A safety consulting specialist makes the rounds of the buildings, providing guidance in the areas of safety considerations, danger forecasting, hazard mitigation and the like.
This helps to nip danger in the bud before mishaps have a chance to occur.
By providing direct instruction to the staff, the company is making a strong efforts toward prevention of industrial accidents.