CBS Corporation Social Media Policy

CBS Corporation is establishing a “social media policy” regarding the use and operation of our official social media accounts and will comply with the following attitudes and behaviors.

1. Background and Purpose of Formulating Social Media Policy

Social media has become an important, often indispensable, information tool, for corporations as well as for individuals. While it can be an effective means of strengthening relationships with stakeholders, disadvantages may arise for both company and stakeholders due to inappropriate usage, such as the dissemination of inaccurate information. We have, therefore, formulated this policy with the aim of using social media appropriately, while fully utilizing its usefulness.

2. Definition of Social Media

Social media refers to services that enable users to send, receive and exchange information via the Internet, through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and many others, as well as information dissemination over the Internet in general.

3. Scope of Implementation

This policy is to be adhered to by all officers and employees—including regular, contract, temporary and part-time staff—when using corporate and personal social media accounts.

4. Basic Policy

When participating in social media, we will comply with all applicable laws and regulations, understand the characteristics of social media, be aware and on guard against any activity that could disadvantage our stakeholders, and maintain the highest standards of accuracy and transparency in all communications.

5. Basic Principles of Using Social Media

5-1. Awareness and Responsibility

Recognizing that we are employees of CBS Corporation and that each of our remarks can have an influence, we will always be responsible in our statements. We also strive always to communicate with sincerity, in support of a sound social order.

5-2. Recognizing the Characteristics of Social Media and Being Careful in What We Say

We remain constantly aware that information disseminated to the Internet is accessible to all, and that such information, once posted, may never be completely deleted.

5-3. Compliance with Laws and Internal Regulations

We use social media usage and disseminate information in compliance with all relevant laws and social norms, in accordance with the Company’s internal regulations.

5-4. Protecting Confidential Information

We do not disclose any secrets obtained in the course of business, nor disseminate any information that could be detrimental to the Company or its stakeholders.

5-5. Not Disseminating Misleading Information

We are careful to accurately describe the information we disseminate and to avoid misunderstandings about the contents.

5-6. Respecting Others and Third Party Interests

We respect the rights of third parties in regard to such interests as copyrights, image and trademark rights, and make it our policy to respect other parties’ comments and points of view.

5-7. Conducting Quality Communications

We try always to strengthen our relationship with stakeholders and to disseminate information that benefits the Company and other users.

5-8. Admitting Errors and Responding in Good Faith

We respond in good faith and take steps to promptly correct any of our communications that might cause misunderstanding or damage to others.

Disclaimer and Guidance for Social Media Users

Please note that information disseminating from the Company over social media does not necessarily represent our official opinion, and we cannot guarantee the completeness, accuracy and usefulness of the information posted. For official announcements, please refer to our website and news releases. The Company will not be held liable in the unlikely event that the use of any information negatively impacts other parties, whether directly or indirectly.

  • Please be aware that information posted on social media is provided on a current basis and may be subject to change at a later date.
  • Methods of interaction including responses and correspondence, and the availability and timing of such interaction, may differ by account.
  • Each account may terminate or suspend operations, at our discretion, without notice to customers.
  • Please refrain from the following acts or expressions, including the posting of links to sites displaying such actions or expressions. Please note that we may block or delete any account, at our discretion, if we find that it fails to maintain these standards, and we will not be held responsible for any damage that this might cause.
    1. Items that may be contrary to public order and morals.
    2. Illegal activities and items that could lead to criminal activity.
    3. Items that cause inconvenience, disadvantage or damage, or that, in our judgment, pose a risk for such detriment.
    4. Infringement of intellectual property rights—copyrights, trademarks, image rights and others—or personal privacy.
    5. Items including harmful programming, script or other devices.
    6. Using our social media for commercial purposes.
    7. Impersonating others.
    8. Usage contrary to the terms of service of each social media platform.
    9. Other behavior or materials that we judge inappropriate, such as interfering with administration and management.