What is CBS “Real Estate Consulting”?

CBS responds to a broad variety of requests in regard to real estate.
Whether a customer is searching for revenue producing properties, examining sites for a head office building, or seeking a partner for a large-scale development project, CBS stands ready to assist. Our support is based on thorough interviews and market research into properties that meet the stated objectives, and includes introduction of companies into negotiations, coordination with government authorities, assembling documentation and other services.
In addition, for customers wishing to sell their land or buildings, CBS will provide introductions to potential buyers along with other support to help facilitate and expedite the sale.
Through a network that includes design offices, elevator companies, soil consultants and the like, CBS also supports due diligence operations.

What is Due Diligence?
In real estate, due diligence refers to investigations and analysis conducted to scrutinize property values or to perform appropriate evaluations. (This differs from the level of real estate appraisals.)
In terms of specific content, due diligence involves three major categories of investigation. These include physical investigations such as inspection of building conditions, and analysis of earthquake and other risks; legal investigations including issues relating to property rights relationships, lease agreements and so forth, as well as tenant credit investigations; and economic investigations including market research and the like.

Services & Solutions

  • Effective utilization of vacant real estate (CFRE effective utilization)
  • Investment review and proposal of improvements to real estate owned by the company
  • Fair price provision, and purchase and sale of property
  • Due diligence operations

Service Features: Leasing Support

Providing support in attracting tenants and resolving important building management issues.

It goes without saying that the most important issues for the owner of a tenancy building are to keep the vacancy rate at zero and to enhance the tenants’ level of satisfaction.
Having made many building owners and tenants its valued customers, CBS has accumulated exceptional know-how in matching the capacity, nature and features of buildings with the desires and needs of the tenants.
In recent years in particular, awareness of disaster prevention, safety and comfort has increased, and advising building owners on these topics has become an important service.
CBS has established cooperative relationships with specialized leasing companies and provides total building management support, including tenant management and other PM relationship operations.

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