At CBS, our goal is to assure safe, secure and comfortable environments for our customers and their tenants, and to contribute to society and the natural environment by promoting efficient and effective energy usage through facility management.

Aiming to be the company customers rely on for safe and secure environments.

Through provision of integrated management services, we work to enhance the value of our customers’ properties, and to create and maintain optimal working and living environments. This enables our customers to concentrate on their core business activities, while making the most of their valuable assets and maintaining optimal conditions for their businesses.

Working hard to create new value, with every employee pursuing innovative enhancements through an invincible spirit of progress and continuous improvement.

We work conscientiously on a variety of issues and aim to be the company our customers need and rely on, by aggressively developing new ideas and technologies to create new and added value.

Striving to build a better future for an environmentally aware society, through the synergistic effects of human and technological resources as “a people and technology company.”

We foster employee growth and advancement through daily training and continuing education. We do this because we believe that each employee is a valuable company asset and, at the same time, should be a contributor toward the overall advancement of society. We also intend to help achieve a more environmentally harmonious society for the future, through the aggressive introduction of cutting-edge technologies and the innovative integration of human and technological resources.

Qualifications Maintained by CBS Employees

Architect – Classes I and II
Health administrator – Types I and II
Energy controller
Energy manager
Water supply equipment construction chief technician
Piping construction management technician – Classes I and II
Administrative chief
Dangerous object handler – Classes A, B and C
Air environment measurement enforcer
Air conditioning, water supply and drainage management supervisor
Crane operator
Security guard training supervisor
Building environment and sanitation management technician
Building cleaning management evaluation inspector – Class I and II
Building equipment inspector
High voltage electricity construction technician
Pollution control manager
 Water quality – Types I, II and IV
 Air quality – Types I and IV
Pollution control chief manager
Analog construction chief – Types I, II and III
Digital construction chief – Types I, II and III
Oxygen deficient dangerous operations chief – Types I and II
Water purifier tank controller
Water purifier tank technical administrator
Upper class rescue skill certified firefighting engineer – Classes A and B
Firefighting equipment inspector – Types I and II
Occupational training instructor
Cleaning work supervising management technician – Classes I and II
Real estate transaction manager
Crane technician
Duct cleaning supervisor
Water tank cleaning supervisor
Electrician – Types I and II
Electrical construction work management technician – Classes I and II
Electrical chief engineer – Types II and III
Tokyo pollution control and prevention management supervisor – Classes I, II and III
Special building research inspector
Waste management supervisor
Drainpipe cleaning supervisor
Building cleaning technician
Total building energy management instructor
Facility manager
Boiler technician and forklift operator – Classes I, II and Expert
Boiler maintenance engineer
Boiler turbine chief technician – Type II
Fire and disaster prevention manager – Class A
Fire prevention center staff
Self-defense fire prevention skill certified organic solvent operations chief
Air-conditioning and refrigeration engineer – Type II
Refrigeration equipment supervisor – Types I, II and III

RI-Related Qualifications
X-ray operations chief
Gamma ray radiography operations chief
Medical radiology technician
Working environment measurement expert – Type I
Radiation protection supervisor – Types I and II