What is BEMS (“Making Energy Visible”)?

BEMS enables customers to visualize their energy usage. First, open protocol sensors and devices are installed on the air conditioning, lighting and other equipment in their buildings. Then, by retaining operating and energy consumption data and plotting that data on charts, they can easily see visual depictions and compare the amounts of energy used. This awareness leads to more efficient control, optimizing and reducing energy consumption.
BEMS (Building Energy Management System) refers to a system targeting office buildings. A similar system for factories is referred to as FEMS, and in the case of housing, it is called HEMS.
BEMS consists of three primary components.

1. Building Automation System

In addition to remotely controlling the machinery and equipment located within the building, this system collects information from a variety of sensors. Individual machines use proprietary connections, while communication of data for the system as a whole can be accessed over standard Internet Protocol.

2. Energy Management System

Using the data collected, this system implements steps to optimize and reduce energy consumption.

3. Various Sensors, Machinery and Equipment

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