What is alkaline ionized rinse water?

CBS uses alkaline ionized water aggressively as a cleaning agent.
This is water that has been formed through electrolysis and has the same cleaning power as chemical detergents.
However, as its makeup is virtually the same as normal water, containing almost no chemical substances, its is gentle on people, buildings and the environment, minimizing any environmental impact.

Benefits of Using Alkaline Ionized Rinse Water

Gentle on People

As it includes no chemical substances, it is easy on the hands and bodies of those living in the building, as well as those using it in their duties.

Gentle on Buildings

There is no need for concern over chemical residues and no detrimental impact on building materials.

Gentle on the Environment

There is no chemical effluent and, as there is no need to perform additional rinsing, the volume of water usage can be reduced.

Increased Efficiency of Cleaning Operations

Use of alkaline ionized water helps to eliminate recontamination by residual detergents.
And, just as when a surfactant is used, there is no need to wipe twice.